About Griddle

We dreamt of better ways to timetable.
Then made it happen.

Our Mission

Empowering Schools, Teachers & Students

Timetabling is difficult. Balancing Selections, Resources, Allocations can feel like you’re spinning plates. We built griddle to do the heavy lifting so you and your team can focus on what matters.

Our Team

Build on the wisdom of years of timetabling experience.

Griddle Executive Officer

Catherine Elliot-Jones

MA(Oxon), PGCE, GAICD -- Catherine began her journey in education as a Science teacher and school timetabler. Having seen the power of a good timetable and wanting to make that a reality for all schools, Catherine moved into Education Technology as a Co-founder of Edval and led them to commercial success over the next decade. Catherine joined Compass in 2019, bringing with her a wealth of experience in Education Technology and of working directly with schools across all sectors, including WA. Leading a team to design and build Griddle is a dream opportunity to create the very best timetabling solution for schools.

General Manager of Operations

Moira Toohey

B. Ed (Sec), B.Sc (Hons) -- As a Maths and Science teacher and school timetabler, Moira appreciated the need for good timetabling software. In her two decades of timetabling experience, Moira has worked with a number of different timetabling products and understands their strengths and weaknesses. For the last 10 years she has worked in the Education Technology industry, initially with Edval Timetables and more recently with Compass. Moira joined Compass in 2019 and her incomparable timetabling knowledge has informed the design and build of Griddle. Moira also has a particular interest in curriculum structure and design and has used these skills to advise many schools over the years.

Customer Success Manager

Lisa Barreca

B.Sc (Hons), D. Ed (Sec) -- Lisa began her career in education as a secondary Maths and Science teacher, before moving to the role of Timetabler and Daily Organiser. Appreciating the high demands of both roles, Lisa moved into the Education Technology industry wanting to improve the lives of Daily Organisers in particular. Over the last 9 years she has helped achieve that goal, firstly at Edval Timetables and now at Compass. Lisa joined Compass in 2021, excited to join the team and very keen to help build the best timetabling solution for schools.

General Manager (EU)

Mitchell Soon

B.EXSc, M.Teach. -- Mitchell began his teaching career in London, where he gained valuable experience teaching secondary school Mathematics for 2 years. On his return to Australia he continued teaching Mathematics and took on the responsibility for the school's timetable for 3 years. Mitchell joined Compass in late 2022 and has since become an invaluable team member. He has moved into the Griddle EU management role, spending considerable time overseas helping our international schools build better timetables. Mitchell is dedicated to improving outcomes for all schools, both nationally and internationally, through their use of Griddle.

Engineering Manager

Luke St Jack

Beginning at Compass in August 2017, Luke initially dedicated his efforts to Learning Tasks, Analytics, and Semester Reports, before pivoting to lead the design and build of Compass' analytics module, Pulse. In 2020, Luke joined Griddle, where he contributed until March 2021, when he embarked on a new role as a development team lead for the Attendance and Daily Scheduling team. Returning to Griddle in February 2023, Luke gradually assumed greater responsibilities, ultimately taking the reins as engineering manager midway through the year.

Business Development Manager

JD Albrecht

With seven years of experience as a Business Manager in Victoria's primary and secondary schools, JD has honed an exceptional understanding of educational needs. Transitioning to sales, He spent two years successfully promoting Compass, an educational management platform. Now at Griddle, he brings a wealth of knowledge and passion, poised to leverage his expertise to drive growth and innovation in the education sector, forging enduring partnerships and empowering schools for success.

"As a new school that opened in 2023, we needed as much assistance as possible with launching Griddle and learning how to configure its software efficiently. I have found the platform incredibly user friendly. With the competing priorities of opening a new school their customer service and responses were invaluable to us - especially all the ongoing assistance from the entire team. We look forward to our continuing partnership with Griddle. "
Ben Omizzolo
Assistant Principal - Mickleham Secondary College